Drakeley Pool company talks high-end pool design / by Lily Samuels

Reflecting pools as smooth as glass, organic architecture, and jewel-like Italian glass tile...

In the business of creating luxurious swimming spaces for New England's top clients, Drakeley Pool Company sat down with Ocean Home Magazine and other industry leaders to discuss what's hot in high-end pool design.

"When a client brings us into their home, we know we're not just building them a pool. We are helping them create a lifestyle, a space that is intuitive and restorative."

We asked about the one-size-fits-all model favored by high-volume contractors:

"That's not us. And that's not our client. Every detail is important, beyond important. Our clients see these structures as extensions of themselves, of their style. If we're not obsessed with seeing their unique vision realized, we're doing something wrong."