ARTICLE: In Pursuit of Art by Kerri Allmer

In 2008, William Drakeley was at a crossroads and saw this big, uniquely challenging project as a way to separate himself from the crowd. It was a bit more than he bargained for, but he persisted -- and knows that making it all work changed the regional perception of his business.


For me and my business in around 2008, this project was a real rite of passage.

At that point, pool-construction and shotcrete-application companies like ours were well established and had lineages stretching back to the 1950s. Just the same, we were having a hard time gaining recognition from architects, landscape architects and developers who were pursuing quality, prestige construction.

The irony is, my own firm had amazing experience in critical applications that called for precisely their desired level of excellence: There’s nothing quite like building tunnels for automobiles and subway trains to focus the mind on the fine details and the best possible construction practices, and we’d been doing that sort of work successfully for years.

The thing holding us back with our pools, we figured, was geography: We work from a base in Connecticut, and even as recently as ten or 15 years ago, the local pool industry was known to a very large extent for the installation of basic, cookie-cutter concrete and vinyl-liner pools. It didn’t help us to point out that, in our case, these architects and their colleagues were comparing apples to oranges: We were still lumped in together with the “pool guys.”

We were so fed up that we decided to change that context of presumption and misconception the best way we knew how – that is, by associating our business with the best and brightest watershapers we could find and getting educated along the way.

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FEATURED: Waterfront Weekend Retreat by Kerri Allmer

In 2013, Drakeley Pool Company was contracted by Artemis Landscape Architects to construct a double vanishing edge pool and vanishing edge spa for a Fairfield Beach home, situated directly on the Long Island Sound. Read about the full project, including completely reworked and renovated home and surrounding landscape

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ARTICLE: A Jewel in the Woods by Kerri Allmer

Working with a property owner who insists on an unconventional approach to a project can be a challenge. But it definitely helps, reports William Drakeley, when that client is also open-minded, imaginative and absolutely set on achieving brilliant, gem-like results. Read about custom Lautner-edge glass tile pool/spa combination project we completed in 2015.

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The Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA) has recently named its winners in the 2016 Outstanding Achievement Awards - Builders Competition. In the Specialty Pools category, Drakeley Pool Company has been awarded Gold for their outstanding design of a perimeter overflow and an all-tiled pool. In additional to these two Gold Awards, DPC also snagged the Gold Award for Exceptional Recognition in Design and Building.

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FEATURED: Luxury and Drakeley - What's In for the Fall by Lily Samuels

As we make our way into the fall, the Drakeley construction crews are busier than ever. The dry spells have allowed our craftsmen to continue custom installation for clients who want the majority of the 'heavy lifting' done while their outdoor spaces are not in use. Smart people!

Also delighted to announce that Drakeley Pool Company was featured in Luxury Pools' Fall/Winter 2016 Edition.

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