If you would like to grant pre-authorization for all or certain repair work this season, our technicians will troubleshoot and make any possible repairs while onsite when the problem is diagnosed. Otherwise, our office will provide a quote for any repair work for your approval and a second service visit will be scheduled.

 As a company policy, we will complete minor part replacement and basic troubleshooting on all filter equipment to ensure functionality. If a larger, costly part ($200+) or extended labor is required we will send a quote for approval unless (1) the client has already pre-authorized this work, or (2) the part is required to prevent detrimental effects to the pool or other filter equipment. Our company relies on years of experience to determine what constitutes an emergency repair which must be completed with or without prior authorization (i.e. pump part replacement in mid-summer to ensure the pool continues circulating in hot temperatures). If you have any questions regarding our policy, we are happy to discuss – please give us a call!

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Please check the type of work you would like us to complete without written or verbal authorization. Estimated price ranges for this type of work – if available – have been provided for your reference only. These are only estimates and final pricing will be determined based on parts used and actual labor hours. I authorize the following type of work to be performed without written or verbal authorization:
If you would prefer us to complete any type of work within a specific cost range as opposed to a type of service, please fill in the dollar amount below. We will complete any repairs up to this general amount. Final pricing will be determined based on parts and actual labor hours and may be slightly more than your specific amount listed.