1. Leaf and debris removal (one hour maximum). Extra time required due to excessive debris will be billed additionally.

  2. Lower water level and remove all water from pool piping.

  3. Drain and plug all equipment at the pool as well as the mechanical pad. Install styrofoam/expansion materials where necessary.

  4. Remove equipment at both poolside and mechanical pad (only equipment designed to be removed).

  5. Add closing chemicals (billed separately upon completion of closing).

  6. Install existing winter cover.

  7. Clean up mechanical pad and store any extra chemicals in area designated by owner.

Drakeley Pool Company cannot be held responsible for any tears or chaffing of the winter cover, due to the weight of snow and ice. Please note that hose bibs, irrigation or well supplies are not winterized with pool piping.

Prior to closing, make sure any furniture, planters, etc. that would prevent our technicians from installing your winter cover is stored and pool deck is clear. Drakeley Pool Company is not responsible for storing anything other than pool equipment noted above.



  1. Reinstall all equipment at the mechanical pad.

  2. Net off and remove winter cover. Allow to dry. Fold and place in storage area designated by owner.

  3. Reinstall all poolside equipment, checking to ensure that everything is secure and safe for usage.

  4. Start up equipment and calibrate, if needed. Check overall operations.

  5. Provide one (1) hour of cleaning to pool / spa.

  6. Furnish opening chemicals (billed separately upon completion of opening).

  7. Store all winterizing equipment in area designated by owner.

  8. Clean off and check mechanical pad area.

Drakeley Pool Company is not responsible for moving or setting up pool furniture etc.

Please note that, depending on water conditions upon cover removal, it can take 2.5 +/- weeks following opening for pool chemistry and conditions to be appropriate for swimming. We recommend opening sufficiently early prior to desired swim date (we do not open pools the week before Memorial Day as it is reserved for pool cleanings). Any pools opened less than 2.5 weeks prior to Memorial Day are not guaranteed to be swimmable by the holiday.

Due to scheduling and time constraints, any repairs required during opening will be quoted and scheduled for a separate day unless the service technician has the parts available and can obtain consent to perform the repair.

The Client or their designee agrees 1) to ensure that the water level is to top of tile line prior to pool opening, 2) to ensure the pool equipment is accessible prior to opening, and 3) to contact Drakeley Pool Company if unable to verify this. They further acknowledge that additional visits required due to lack of water or the inability to access equipment will be billed on a Time and Material basis at the crew rate of $185/hour.


Winter precipitation can raise the water level in your pool, bringing the ice to the level of tile and coping which can lead to cracking and cosmetic disruption of masonry. A Technician will check on your water level periodically (2-3 times over the winter months) and will lower the water level as necessary. You will only be charged for visits when the water level is lowered. If you do not elect to have us perform this service, please remember to regularly check the water level and lower it as necessary. Drakeley Pool Company does not assume responsibility for any cracking or cosmetic disruption of masonry due to winter conditions or acts of God.


Maintenance service includes pool vacuuming, leaf netting, brushing, water chemistry testing/balancing, equipment check and reset, etc. Chemicals supplied will be billed separately. Clients are assigned a service day which will be observed for the swim season; every effort will be made to accommodate client preference. In the case of severe weather, a routine maintenance visit may be adjusted to a test and balance visit. Not included in weekly maintenance: cover box cleaning, excessive debris removal from automatic cover.

Other services are offered on a Time and Material basis, including: equipment diagnostic, service, and/or replacement; post-storm cleaning; extra cleanings as requested (please provide 1-2 weeks advance notice); and masonry work.

Your weekly maintenance pricing is contingent on your auto cover pump being in place and consistently pumping standing water off of your cover. If our technician is required to pump water off of the cover prior to beginning maintenance due to the pump not being in place, there will be an additional fee charged.

Ozone units require annual service to continue working at their best. They’ll last longer and function better. When we close the pool, we’ll remove the unit, bring it back to our shop, store it for the winter, and give it some manufacturer-recommended TLC. We’ll invoice you for labor ($85/hr.) and parts only.


Lawn Care: Please have lawn care specialists replace auto cover pump if it is removed during lawn care and blow grass clippings from automatic cover after mowing. Any fertilization done around the pool can increase phosphate levels in the pool, quickly turning the water green – please make sure pool is protected before any fertilization is done in surrounding areas.

Automatic Cover: Your automatic cover comes equipped with a small dewatering pump for top of cover to remove accumulating rain water while not in use. Client or client representative responsible for ensuring use of pump at all times (pump should be in place whenever cover is closed). Cover should not be rolled back with standing water on cover.

Property Access: If there are any locks or gate/door codes that our technicians will need to access your pool and./or filter equipment, please provide this information to our office. We are happy to coordinate with any caretakers or property managers if you supply contact details.

Propane Levels: Drakeley Pool Company does not assume responsibility for checking propane levels. It is your responsibility to ensure your propane tank feeding your pool heater is full. Drakeley Pool Company will charge a service call fee if dispatched by client to check propane level.

Water Delivery: All water delivery is to be coordinated directly by client with water company. Please contact our office if you need recommendations for a water delivery company in your area.



  • 50% deposit before closing

  • 50% balance + chemicals after closing


  • 50% deposit before opening

  • 50% balance + chemicals after opening


Winter pump downs and ozone service are invoiced upon completion.

Maintenance visits + chemicals are invoiced monthly.


Our goal is your complete satisfaction. In the event that work is not completed to your approval, please notify us immediately so we may address the issue and provide any necessary corrective action in a timely manner.


Revised August 2019